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It all started when a young couple, Jana and Mario, bought their first common home, a small house near Paris. At the time of purchase, the house was not yet a house, it was still a building – the building with a roof and windows. However, everything was missing, floors, sewerage and other parts of construction, arhitect design interior preturi.

Living 1

The fireplace was one of the small requirements of the owners.

Yana and Mario had a general idea of ​​their future home, which looks at the atmosphere and the color design. The main task was to use the natural colors, the stone and the fireplace in the living room. In other words, designer Karl Schmid had a total freedom of action.

Only with the designer
“Yana and Mario turned to me with the living room equipment, which included a kitchen and a dining room. First, I found an interior style that John and Mario would feel comfortable in the future, and then we started to prepare the project’s living room equipment including kitchen, dining room and seating area, as well as a bathroom project and toilet.

The connecting corridor had to be in harmony with the rest of the rooms. So there was a project in which it was everything from the appearance of furniture (kitchen shape, table layout, living room layout, bathing layout), the choice of colors and interior materials, and the choice of accessories. ”

In simplicity – beauty
The interior is dominated by natural colors: white, cream, beige, brown and slightly black. The focus inside does not refer to colors, but to selected materials and their style of processing. Colors are neutral, paturi dormitor Italia.

Thus, the interior is not a design project that will get tired in a few years, will resist all future fashion waves.

There is a fireplace in the living room
“The fireplace – it was one of the few requirements of the customers, and I did it with joy. The height of the chimney ceiling, he covered with glass on three sides, making it easier to visualize and lets you see how a fiery fire from the dinner table, located at the north wall of the living room and the sofa in the south wall. ”

The designer used natural stone to face the fireplace and one of the walls in the bathroom. The heat of the fire heats the whole room.

Custom made furniture
Almost all furniture was custom-made according to the designer’s design. Furniture fits into the room for which it is intended (furniture sets reproduce curves and bevels of the walls at the ceiling in order to efficiently use the storage space), color support the general atmosphere and the timeless style is selected which will be relevant for many years.

A single-person project, design interior case.
Designer Carla Schmid directed the whole project. He first prepared a design for interior design, then drew a certified construction company to implement the project, and before Christmas, clients moved to the house.

The second stage of the year and the day
As Jana and Mario were happy with the living room, Carla Schmid started the second project – decorating a small bedroom with dressing and bathroom.

“At first, the room was a bit incontinent. Mattresses on the floor, two cabinets along the walls left by childhood by the owners or, eventually, by their parents.

The client’s task was clear – all the old ones were liquidated and started again. Currently, there is an extended bed with storage space, two desks, large, elegant, built-in cupboards, with enough storage space, ideas interior design. Although the bathroom remains small, it serves its purpose, and every morning it likes not only the body, but the soul.


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