Upstairs and attic decorated in classical style – Interior design blog

Much to taste the atmosphere of the past, we open a book. There we are fascinated by elegance, good taste, sobriety, refinement and morality, and the beautiful opening of characters and places, design interior casa stil clasic. What if we could enjoy such experience when we open the door of our own home.
For the story to become reality, because from the too modern outside you get to a classic place as in the past, you just have to choose to decorate your house in the classic style. This choice is made only by people who really feel attracted to the cult of form, to the sobriety of colors and to the elegance of their joining.interior-living-de-lux
Being a style characterized by the desire for perfection and the ruginess it gives to the details, for its application in a home, we need the advice of an interior designer without whom we could turn our home into a classical stupid taste and unsightly.
From the living room to the bedroom, the hallways and the kitchen can all get classical accents, being enveloped by a wave of mystery that gives them preciousness, an elegant air and bohemian. For this, it will go on straight lines, open colors but mat, massive wood furniture, imposing by size, decorative objects from bronze or golden that give the feeling of luxury, well-being and preciousness, blog design interior.
The style chosen by the bourgeois class of the past, preferred by the luminous and intensely polished minds, the classic style, represents a dawn of intelligence combined with the sensibility of art, an expression of beauty is the rational form and an eulogy of written and unwritten laws that rule the world.
This combination of rational, bohemian and sensible can also be found in our homes, denoting the elegance we have in the outfit, the dignity of deeds and the beauty of the soul. Thus, the classic style can be enriched with many personal notes that give it originality, uniqueness and style that will transform your home into a broken place from another world but in which you feel protected, relaxed, loved and quiet .
Leaving an interior designer’s hand you can enjoy the story built around you and where you are the main character. Read about the dormitoare italiene clasice.

Upstairs and attic decorated in classical style – Interior design blog


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